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          A university security guard in East Chinas Zhejiang province became fluent in English through watching American movies and TV shows.
          Government authorities should also help residents improve their awareness of emergency procedures during natural disasters, he said.
          Pipe a cross on top of each bun.
          The southernmost city of Sansha in the South China Sea, 2,680 km from Beijing, also witnessed the raising of the national flag at daybreak.
          The younger Meng, an authorized village doctor, said his clinic receives government funding of about 20,000 yuan (,200) a year.
          Faced with the dire situation of a shrinking workforce, economists suggest that China should upgrade its technology and largely use smart robots.
          Tong Xianping is among the Chinese entrepreneurs paying astronomical prices and making an impact in one of the worlds more arcane markets.
          The relatives of the victim, however, have not accepted Saturdays decision by the police, saying video footage was not taken at the site of the accident and thus could not prove exactly what had happened.
          While a decent salary was once all that mattered, now quality of life counts.
          The companies cover such fields as finance, trade, logistics, leasing and information technology.
          The terrorists attacked because they found they had no space to survive, he said, adding that is safe to travel in Xinjiang.
          That has given a fresh impetus to the development of the robotics sector.
          At this years show, small aviation competitors also performed well.
          Several international carmakers, including Volkswagen and Nissan, are establishing joint ventures in China dedicated to such cars.
          We all wear the same T-shirts read China is on the way to show our passion of the World Cup, said Tao.
          Id heard of Beethoven and Bach.
          With the release of the iPhone 5, Apple appears to have become more determined to crack down on unauthorized reselling.
          However, these pictures do not tell the whole story.
          According to respondents of an annual PECC survey, some types of jobs are expected to decrease, such as clerical and assembly line work, while others such as technical and professional jobs are expected to increase.
          The price fixing activities among the companies have violated the antimonopoly law, raised costs of freight rates and hurt interests of end users, said the regulator.
          The Supreme Peoples Court invited foreign diplomats on Wednesday for the first time to attend a case involving foreign interests.
          Train L7061 is carrying 986 students from Dayangshu township, where there are no test sites, to Alihe township, a 135-kilometer trip.
          5 percent reported toiling for more than 44 hours a week - exceeding the legal limit on work time.
          Last year was the first time the number of people using modern narcotics in the province was higher than those using traditional varieties, Wang Junke, director of drug enforcement for Guangdong Public Security Department, told a news conference in Guangzhou on Monday.
          They have the responsibility to ensure no smoking within their establishments.
          When asked why they chose such a classic story, the young directors say they are trying to advocate an attitude and consciousness about life.
          A total of 216 illegal newspapers and magazines have been investigated, with 76 of them being suspended since the start of last year, said the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.
          58 million to 11,700 years ago, pandas were distributed from northern Myanmar to eastern China, and even as far north as the region around Beijing.
          Handmade chocolate Christmas sweets are pictured at the chocolaterie Hammelspring in Hammelspring in the region Uckermark, Germany.
          2 in February, with retail, airlines, courier services, Internet and software, finance, and insurance among the fastest growing service sectors.
          Zhu Yeli, a human resources manager who will remain in Beijing for the Spring Festival, said she bought four bags of rice and two bottles of cooking oil online as gifts for her parents in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.
          The Zhengyuan Geographic Information Industrial Park will focus on software development for remote sensing and mapping and will need a total of 230 million yuan in backing.
          The condition of its currency system is becoming more and more deplorable .
          Opening on Monday, the exhibition will run until July 1.
          Wednesdays discussion followed an orientation debate held on 13 January on whether, and if so how, the EU should change the treatment of China in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations after December 2016.
          We have no plans to go into details.
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          A one-time examination usually cant reflect a students real level, and its a kind of unfairness to students, he said.
          ISLAMABAD - Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday that tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not conducive to their stability and development as well as regional cooperation, calling on both countries to meet each other halfway so as to improve bilateral ties.
          Japanese automobile giant Toyota Motor displays compact sized communication robot Kirobo Mini which enables to recognize faces and voices and make conversation at a press preview of the CEATEC in Chiba, suburban Tokyo, Japan, October 3, 2016.
          Sixteen Jiangxi counties and cities had got more than 100 mm of rain by 9 am on Sunday, sources with the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said.
          I enjoy making this on weekends.
          69 trillion yuan, about 11 percent of the national economy.
          Although working two jobs is hard, Zhang is satisfied with the current situation as he can make more money.
          Im quite concerned about the fact that polluting industries are increasingly moving to the central and western parts of China, said Lin.
          The G20 Summit concluded on Monday in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou with the adoption of a statement outlining the groups direction and development goals, and with the Hangzhou Consensus on facilitating global economic growth through innovative and inclusive long-term measures.
          The index tracks activity in non-manufacturing sectors, including construction, software, aviation, railway transport and real estate, according to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

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